How to frame a picture accurately

Picture frames - How to frame a picture accurately

1. Cut the frame
Mark up the timber following the formula. Set the compound mitre saw to 45º, clamp the timber against the fence and cut. Move the baseplate to the 45º mark on the other side to mitre the other end.
TIP Cut long sides first as they can be cut down for short pieces if you make a mistake.

2. Check the lengths
Place the first cut piece back-to-back with the next side to be cut and check that the mark-up is the same. Cut the other piece. Then repeat for the shorter top and base. On a clean surface, dry assemble the frame face down and position the backing board to check for a neat, square fit.

3. Assemble the frame
Brush glue onto the corners and assemble the pieces face-up. Attach the framing clamp, or small clamps, and use a square inside the corners to adjust the set-up. Leave to dry.
TIP Plastic wrap on the work surface prevents the frame sticking and becoming misaligned when removed.

Tape it! Run masking tape along the very edge of each join before applying glue and fitting the pieces together and then glue and clamp as per above; the tape will protect the surface from any marring by glue that is squeezed out of the join. Later on, simply peel off the tape.

4. Fix nails to secure
Use wood filler to fill any gaps and leave it to dry. (Remember, when applying filler, leave it slightly proud of the surrounding surface and then sand down flat when it’s dry.) Along the top and bottom corners of the frame, pre-drill holes 25mm in from the edge at 45º into the joint. Tap in four 40mm panel pins. Countersink nail heads and fill with wood filler. On the back, pre-drill holes for screweyes on either side, a third of the way down (about 170mm) from the top.

5. Finish the front
Smooth over the joints and sand off glue using 120-grit abrasive paper. Sand the entire frame with 220-grit abrasive paper. Paint, varnish, stain or finish as desired.
TIP    Apply a dark stain, or apply a diluted (10%) mix of black paint with a cloth, rubbing it into the wood vigorously to get an vintage-style look.

6. Secure the backing
Polish the glass on both sides then position it in the frame with poster and backing board. Tap 20mm panel pins at 45º to the inside edge, leaving a third of the nail protruding. Attach screweyes either side, a third of the way down, and string metal wire across.
TIP Keep out dust by masking brown paper over the back.


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