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Shipment Terms: We is based in Vietnam, you just order and write down your full address in your shipping address. We will ship your order to your country. You can call to our customer service or hotline for more information. According to requirements of customers, and the quantities of commodity, we follow the Incomterms 2000 and other negotiations with international customers.   Chi tiết »

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Concepts and terms: We would like to raise some special concepts for you easily to select the products like Picture Width and Picture Height (cm); Edge width (cm); Width of Color cardboard (cm); Photo Width and Photo Height (cm); Edge width (cm).   Chi tiết »

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We are professional manufacturer, which produce PS picture frame profiles. We use the modern highest technology PS picture frame profile extrusion machines.
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Call Center 24/7: +84962345679
Hotline: +84962345679

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