Picture frames, photo frames model 5011BL

Ảnh mặt cắt Picture frames, photo frames model 5011BL

Picture frames, photo frames model 5011BL

  • Please send to us your picture size, and then you chose other components of the frames such as: Glass, Back, Color Board and sub-components in bellow and then add them to card.
  • Product code:Picture_frames_photo_frames_model_5011BL
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  • 1/   Send the size of your picture   For example: 60.5 cm width of picture and 1.5 cm width of cardboard for 2 width edges and 90.5 cm height of picture and 2.1 cm width of cardboard for 2 height edges...

  • Picture Width (cm): - Width of Color cardboard (cm):
  • Picture Height (cm): - Width of Color cardboard (cm):
  • Click to Calculating:Send
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  • 2/   Please choose components for complete frames such as: Glass, Back, Color cardboard

  • Glass:
  • Back of frame:
  • Color cardboard:
  • 3/   Select Sub-component Options

  • Lemon seed:
  • Screw:
  • Dew:
  • Corner cover:
  • Table Stand:
  •       Notes:* Table stands is chosen for only small photo frames to support them stand on the tables.
  • 4/   For couple frames only: Choose components for Couple frames (Corner flower included)

  •       Notes:* This item for buying Couple frames only
  • Couple subframe:
  • 5/   For picture frames with clock inside only: Choose Clock component (subframe included)

  •       Notes:* This item for buying Picture frames with Clock inside only
  • Clock:

  • Description

  • Picture frames, photo frames model 5011BL

Delivery Terms

Shipment Terms: We is based in Vietnam, you just order and write down your full address in your shipping address. We will ship your order to your country. You can call to our customer service or hotline for more information. According to requirements of customers, and the quantities of commodity, we follow the Incomterms 2000 and other negotiations with international customers.   More »

Concepts and Terms

Concepts and terms: We would like to raise some special concepts for you easily to select the products like Picture Width and Picture Height (cm); Edge width (cm); Width of Color cardboard (cm); Photo Width and Photo Height (cm); Edge width (cm).   More »

Who we are?

We are professional manufacturer, which produce PS picture frame profiles. We use the modern highest technology PS picture frame profile extrusion machines.

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Accept payments:

How and why you should input the dimensions of picture for framing.

You please send to us by inputting the information about the dimensions of the picture which you want us to frame for you.

- Picture Width and Picture Height (cm): Dimension of picture which measured by cm unit, you also could use the point (.) and the comma (,) sign for the mm unit. For example: height of picture is 45,8 cm width of picture is 33,4 cm ...

- Edge width (cm): There are some situations, if the gap between the picture and the cardboard of the picture frame is needed for making the picture nicer and more beautiful. We defined this custom parameter for customers. Normally, the edge width is the same around the picture. Edge width is gap between the picture and the cardboard of the picture frame.

- Width of Color cardboard (cm): Normally, the color cardboard is used around the picture; it is between the frame and picture. You please tell us the Width of Color cardboard which you want, and we do for you, in framing period Otherwise we known you do not want this for picture frames.

After inputting the information, which are the figures you measured. Please click SEND button for calculating price.